Paraiso Invierno, 2002, Bronze
Elizabeth Blackwell, 1994
Objets Irreal, Nazareth College, 2014
Ted Aub, Intervied on Out of Bounds
Dammit I'm Mad, Davis Gallery, HWS, 2011
Ted Aub, Working in the Studio
Keynote MAG Lecture, Cover Slide
Alan Singer Review
No Bird Soars too High if he Soars with his Own Wings, 2003, Bronze
No Bird Soars, 2010, Clay Model
Amore Roma, 2004, Bronze
Mada Mim Adam, 1989, Bronze
Mada Mim Madam, 2005, Bronze
Tripod, 1984, Bronze
Brave New World, 1990, Bronze
Williams Insalaco Gallery 34, FLCC, 2009