Intersections / Conversations Between Form and Plane




The drawing for Never odd or eveN is both the concept and the diagram, i.e.: the planes represented in the drawing are those running through the center of the sculpture from front and side views.   Therefore, they were literally central to the making of the three-dimensional form. Hence the drawing is a kind of full-scale template where tracings of these patterns were drawn on to foam boards and then cut out on a band saw. The shapes (side and front elevations) were assembled to create a three dimensional intersection that was the basic framework of the sculpture. More foam sheets were added to fill out the quarter-sections, which was then carved, filed, and sanded down to approximate the structure and surface as a very large armature. Oil clay was heated to a slurry and painted on to form a thin veneer which when cooled was worked and reworked.   Adjustments were made in the thin-modeled surface and sometimes larger changes were made by digging into the foam and resurfacing in the clay. Therefore the clay modeled sculpture is, in actuality, more of a carving– From this point on a mold was taken and the process continued using the lost wax method to arrive at the finished work cast in bronze at the Hobart and William Smith Colleges foundry in Geneva.

A. E. Ted Aub

February 2014